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Mercy Poured

offers over one hundred poems that go straight to the heart of our faith.  Most of these explore the mystery of God’s never failing mercies in mystery and sacrament and in our every day lives here at Queen of Peace Monastery, where the beauty of nature and countryside enriches and inspires. The last chapter of the volume contains humorous poems that will lighten your spirit and cause surprising laughter.  May each poem be a blessing to all who engage in them for prayer or for peaceful leisure.

A Poet

Sister Mary Regina Fredrickson O.P.


The Sacred Place of Prayer

This book considers the human person as the sacred place of prayer. The first three chapters lay philosophical, biblical and theological groundwork for the understanding of the human person as the sacred place of prayer. Subsequent chapters develop this truth more fully. The chapters on desert spirituality, illusions and finding our center give insight into how we find our true self and our place of home and belonging. A major premise is that everything flows from our creation in God’s image. Each of us is the privileged and sacred place of prayer.

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