Monastic artwork and crafts

"Rejoicing that they can fulfill the design of the Creator and be associated with the work of the Redeemer, the nuns should readily give themselves to work with all their powers of mind and heart as well as their gifts of nature and grace."
- Constitutions of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers, number 104

A certain portion of each sister's day is given to work, some of which finds its form in manual labour and the practice of assorted crafts and arts. Much more than simply a way to help earn our monastery's daily bread, this work is an opportunity to work with God in a spirit of silent adoration and prayer, rejoicing that we can use our hands to create beautiful gifts alongside Him who is "Beauty, ever ancient, ever new", as St. Augustine wrote.

Our monastery's gift shop is home to an ever-increasing variety of handmade goods created by our sisters, a selection of which you can see below. From rosaries and handmade soap, to larger-scale sculptures and religious artwork, each piece is prayerfully handcrafted out of love for God. If you have inquiries about Dominican Monastic Art, please click here



Prayer-meditation benches are crafted from wood from the Canadian forests around the monastery. A prayer-meditation bench allows one to maintain a semi-seated-kneeling position quite comfortably without straining one's back or knees. Each bench is tailored to individual persons’ preferences of wood, finish and dimensions most comfortable for their meditation.

Meditation bench.jpg

Mounted icon prints and sculpture



We also sell delicious "wildflower honey" harvested on our property. (Available on a seasonal basis only).