April 8 - Happy Easter

"Christ is risen, alleluia, alleluia!" 

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter, and pray that God blesses you and those you love by the glory of His Resurrection and triumph over death. Here are just a few pictures from our celebration of Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum. God bless!

February 24 - A Looming Project...

This past fall, a friend of the community graciously donated two gently used floor looms. Soon enough, words like "heddles", "treadles" and "warp" began flying around community recreation and scraps of paper with scribbled patterns could be found lying around the novitiate. A few months later, and...well, you can see for yourself!


We are so grateful for this generous gift, and know we haven't even approached the limits of what is possible now that we're getting the hang of it. Already, "weave" some new project ideas "looming..."

Sr. Marie Thomas Lawrie
February 2 - Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Happy Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (aka Candlemas), and World Day for Consecrated Life! Here are a few moments from today's liturgy. God bless you!


Sr. Marie Thomas Lawrie
February 1 - Paschal Candles

For the past two years, Sr. Florentina Marie has been hard at work in our downstairs candle workshop, hand-pouring Paschal candles (as well as all our altar candles, Advent candles and other interesting creations) and letting them cure. This January, she spent time with our Franciscan Poor Clare sisters at St. Clare's Monastery in Duncan learning how to decorate and finish the Paschal candles with a variety of fine wax designs. Thank-you, dear sisters, for your gracious and joyful support! Here are the "first fruits" of this year's candles.


May God bless you and those you hold in your hearts, throughout this Christmas Octave! We hold you, and our world, in our prayers.

Here are a few peeks into our community's celebration of our Lord's Nativity.

Sr. Marie Thomas Lawrie

It is our joy and privilege to sing the public prayer of the Church throughout the day in the Divine Office. Composed of psalms, canticles and readings from throughout the Scriptures, the Divine Office has its roots in the earliest Christian communities, who continued the Jewish custom of sanctifying certain hours of the day (and, thus, the whole day) with prayer. The Desert Fathers and Mothers took this tradition of praying the psalms into the Scetis desert of Egypt, forming the foundations of what would later grow to be cenobitic monastic life.

Over 1700 years later, we still pray in their footsteps: "I will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living."

Sr. Marie Thomas Lawrie

On the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, October 18, Sister Elizabeth Marie of the Transfiguration made her First Profession of Vows in the hands of our prioress, Sister Marie Tersidis. It was a joyful day, and we are happy to share a few photos with you! Please pray for Sister Elizabeth Marie as she continues to follow Jesus in the footsteps of St. Dominic.

Sr. Marie Thomas Lawrie
January 2017 - Meet: The Kora

The Kora is an instrument from West Africa that accompanies some of our liturgy, especially the New Testament canticles at Vespers. This clip is of Sister Elizabeth Marie and Carole, our kora teacher, playing a special composition during the offertory at Mass.

Sr. Marie Thomas Lawrie