Captivated By the Word


Everyone is called to share in God's eternal love in different ways. This call requires a free response in faith and obedience. Dominican monastic life is one way of answering this call to a fullness of life in Christ through the evangelical counsels.

If God plants this seed of a divine call in your heart, visit our community to listen more attentively whether this is the way God is inviting you to express the grace of your vocation. Come and see the "holy place" of the monastery, where all things are "harmoniously ordered to preserving the continual remembrance of God" (Constitutions of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers).

Stages of Formation

During this time of probation you are accompanied and sustained in your journey by the Sister in charge of formation (the Novice Mistress), together with the community with whom you progressively form "one mind and one heart". In continual dialogue with the Holy Spirit, you participate in a hidden and mysterious way with the redemption of the world in the footsteps of St. Dominic who, prompted by the Spirit, wanted to spread everywhere the Goodness of Salvation in Christ.


We invite you to share your desires with the vocation directress, and ask any questions or clarifications about what you believe God is asking of you. If you are curious enough about the Dominican contemplative life, you can ask to experience it for a two month period called aspirancy. With the aid of the Liturgy, common life, silent prayer, Adoration, meditation and study of the Word of God, you can, in simplicity and joy, discern more precisely your call to Dominican monastic life.


If you still feel God is calling you to this way of life, and the community confirms your aspiration, you can request to enter the monastery and begin your formation as a postulant for one year while continuing your discernment.   


At the end of the one year, if you are still love the life and the community accepts your request to move to the next step, you receive the Dominican habit and begin your novitiate, which lasts for two years.

First Profession of Vows

After this, you can request to make first profession of vows for three years, then renew for a year. This is a period where you are more integrated into the life of the community. 

Solemn Profession of Vows

At the end of this probation time, if you are ready and the community is ready to admit you to the final commitment, you make your Solemn Profession of vows and pledge your life to God, to the Order and to the entire Church for life.

The requirements for candidates are:

  • to be a single, Roman Catholic woman

  • between 21 and 40 years of age

  • in good physical and psychological health

  • having completed at least high school education and at least a one year work experience

  • free of debt or other serious obligations

For more information, please contact our novice mistress 

Please feel free to contact our novice mistress with questions, inquiries or to discuss a possible future visit:

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